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Lushu Technology is a leading B2B platform for tailor-made and specialized travel in China with a network of 3,000 travel agencies plus over 10,000 individual travel consultants. It provides technology, education, and marketing solutions to Chinese travel agencies and global destination management companies.

As of June 2018, Lushu has covered 6,000 destinations in their database, it also serves B2B clients from all over China and over 20 countries.


Lushu Travel
Operation System

Online Workstation for Professional Travel Planners
Lushu Travel Operation System is a professional workstation which provides smart itinerary planning, customer management and destination resources for the raising customized travel market in China. Clients may subscribe to our cloud based services from any locations.


Academy for Professional
Travel Planners

First Training Program of Customized
Travel Personnel in China
For the growing customized tourism in China, personnel educating is the key. This program works with universities, travel agencies and tourism associations for online and offline courses. Now, more than 10,000 travel planners had been trained by this program, the academy aims to train 5,000 qualified customized travel planners each year, through its online school, offline innovation camps, and overseas field research trips.


Destination Marketing

  • Destination Knowledge Database
  • Travel Agent Education
  • Data Analytics and Chinese Outbound Travelers Report
  • Fam Trip Organization and Event Invitation

Event Marketing

  • Online Promotion Campaigns
  • Market Analytics and Reports
  • Road Shows
  • Conferences & Forums
  • Top Travel Design Talent Competition

Distribution Network

  • Content Distribution
  • Product Distribution
  • Matchmaking Platform







LUSHU was founded by three young Chinese entrepreneurs in New York in the summer of 2014. Christine was an investment banker, Leo was a system architect and serial entrepreneur, Sophie was a fashion marketer. Besides their professional life, the three all have strong interest in travel and share the common belief of driving changes in the way tourists explore the world.

By 2014 they observed an inspiring growth in personalized travel by Chinese tourists, who traditionnally went abroad in big groups due to budget and Visa constraints. The increasing demand for premium services and local experiences influenced the travel agent market: it pushed this old fashioned industry into crisis of adaptation and in the critical point of reforming towards private groups and FIT travel. Chinese tourists ask their agents for greater travel details, more flexibility and customized itineraries, while travel agents seek to improve customer value and work efficiency.

The founders of Lushu then decided to build a technology driven platform to help travel agents adapt to the customized travel trend, and to become qualified personal travel consultants. This enabling process began with an online workstation to improve itinerary planning efficiency, and a learning center combining global destination database, operational skills and service standards.

Lushu’s mission was clear from the beginning: to enable the people who work in travel industry, by means of technology and education, so they could provide customized and rich lifestyle experiences to more families and clients.
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Abercrombie & Kent China

With 55 offices in more than 30 countries, Abercrombie & Kent is internationally recognized as the foremost luxury travel company. In March 2017 it officially launched the outbound office in Beijing to bring their luxury service standards to Chinese tourists.

Lushu has been picked as the Chinese itineray system provider to build a highly efficient working platform for their operators. After the successful implementation, Lushu and A&K have extended collaborations to a more strategic level: educating Chinese luxury travel market. In virtue of Lushu's strong network of travel agencies and consultants, the two held conferences, local events and fam trips to deliver the A&K standard to Chinese trade partners, and enabled those Chinese agents to be able to access A&K's global resources and distribute their products.

Western Australia Tourism

In 2017, Lushu signed strategic cooperation with Western Australia Tourism. By agent training programs and marketing events, over 150 travel agencies learnt more about the Western Australia destination, and developed Western Australia travel products.

The Western Australia Experiences Design Competition was held by Lushu and the Tourism Office of Western Australia. It attracted almost 400 travel planners to join the competition. The itineraries created by those contestants are spread to more than 10,000 practitioners in the tourism industry.